The organizers preserve the right of changes and the way of creating the competition system!


Each team is assured at least 5 games to play!


Only 16 players are per match allowed to play in 1 team and 1 player can only play in 1 team per category!


Ball sizes (in case of an obvious agreement of both parties, it can alter)

M 2006 - 2
M 2008 - 1
M 2009 - 0 
M&W 2010 – Sponge ball


Playing time: 2 x 15 min (no team time-out! - Time suspension 1 min)



Decision of group rankings:

1 - more points achieved
2 - result against each other
3 - goal difference (of only the teams touched)
4 - more goals scored
5 - draw


Decision of results after a draw in cross games and matches for final rankings:

3 penalties, if it still continues to be equal, then until the first mistake


If a team fails to be present at a game, then the guilty team loses the match by 0:50 and also gets a punishment of a 3-point deduction.



- In case of an immediate red card, referees will report it to the jury table, after which the organizers may decide about a possible suspension of the player (1-match suspension or nothing)

- A blue card automatically means a 1-match ban for the guilty player



From the new rules, launched on 1 July 2016, the following are valid on the tournament:

- blue card 

- passive play (maximum 6 passes allowed, but based on the subjective judgement of the referees, the ball can also be "taken away" even earlier)



From the new rules, launched on 1 July 2016, the following ARE NOT valid on the tournament:

- case of an injured player (to the contrary of the new rules, the injured player, for which the playing time has been interrupted, is NOT obliged to stay the next 3 attack on the bench, although we kindly ask the participants not to simulate or act, especially because it is a children's tournament!)

- goalkeeper as a field player (to the contrary of the new rules, the field player substituted instead of the goalkeeper is obliged to carry a training bib or marker shirt whose colour is the same to the goalkeepers' ones, but he is then, of course, entitled to be functioning as a goalkeeper and to enter the 6-m area!): the main organizer, due to the too short 1-minute time suspension, wishes the time suspension to be a real disadvantage and difficulty for the guilty team in order to avoid mean fouls and unsportsmenlike conducts on the tournament, as well as to protect the body health of the players!


On the tournament, all referee decisions are final, there is no place for protesting due to the lack of time!


If requested, you must obligatory identify yourselves with an ID-Card and/or passport regarding personal datas (date of birth and so on)! Identification of rivals can only accomplished exclusively before each game! Engagement of too old players should result in an automatic suspension from the rest part of the tournament!



By the registration for the tournament, the participants and their coaches do declare that they have clearly understood and accepted the rules and conditions of the tournament!


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