25. ARANY CUP 25-27 October 2019

All matches will be played in the sports halls of Szentgotthárd, in a special case (too high number of participating teams) also in Körmend (30 km) and/or Heiligenkreuz (AUT - 2 km), so we kindly ask you to bring and dominate with your appropriate identity card or passport!


Everyone must arrange their own drive to and from sports halls outside Szentgotthárd!



born 2006 and younger boys
born 2008 and younger boys
born 2009 and younger boys (Court: 30 x 15 m and 5+1 players)
born 2010 and younger boys (Sponge ball on 20 x 10 m and 3+1 players)
born 2010 and younger girls (Sponge ball on 20 x 10 m and 3+1 players)


During the entire tournament, each team must have its own separate trainer!

Please keep the categories, based on fair game. Don’t be olders in a category!!!


Playing time:                                        2 x 15 minutes
Rules of the game:                                by valid handball rules
Referees:                                             local and delegated by Hungarian Handball Federation
Play:                                                    player list, two different-colour strips, match ball
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